A full range of competitive incentives are available for qualifying investments in Darlington County, South Carolina.

  • Grants

    ● Discretionary incentive● Can be used for infrastructure, land acqauisition and other eligible expenses

  • Job Development Credits (JDC)

    ● Discretionary Incentive● Quarterly reinbursement of a discretionary percentage of employees withholding taxes for 10 years● Maximum reinbursement of $3,250 per employee per year

  • Research and Development Tax Credit

    ● Statutory incentive● Corporate income tax incentive● Is "stackable" witih other corporate income tax credits

  • Investment Tax Credit

    ● Statutory incentive● Corporate income tax incentive● Is "stackable" with other corporate income tax credits

  • Job Tax Credits (JTC)

    ● Statutory incentive● Corporate income tax incentive

  • Port Tax Credit

    ● Discretionary incentive● Either Corporate income tax credit or withholding tax credit● Based on SC port volume increases

  • Property Tax Exemptions

    ● Statutory incentive● Exempts inventories, raw materials, works in progress, finished goods, intangible personal property, and pollution control equipment and facilities from proptery taxes

  • Property Tax Abatements

    ● Statutory incentive● Abates the county operation portion of the millage rate for 5 years● Available for manufacturing investments of more than $50,000

  • Fee In Lieu of Proptery Taxes

    ● Discretionary incentive● Locks the property tax rate for 30 years (40 years for projects having investments of more than $150 million in a single facility)● Reduces the property tax assessment from 10.5% to 6% on real and personal property (4% for projects having investments of more than $150 million in a single facility)

  • Special Source Revenue Credits

    ● Discretionary incentive● Can reduce the amount of net property payable by a negotiated percentage

  • Sales Tax Exemptions for Manufacturing

    ● Statutory incentive that exempts the following from local and state sales taxes:Manufacturing production machinery and applicable repair partsManufacturing materials that become an integral part of the finished productCoal, coke, or other fuel for manufacturers, transportation companies, electric power companies, and processorsIndustrial electricity and other fuels used in manufacturing tangible personal propertyResearch and development equipmentManufacturers' air, water, and noise pollution control equipmentPackaging materialsLong distance telecommunication services, including 800 services

  • Recruitment Assistance

    ● Discretionary incentive● The S.C. Technical College System will recruit, scree, and train emplyees at no cost to the company


NOTE: Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional incentives and information